Redi-2-DrinQ™ Distribution Group:

VinoPaQ™ LLC offers Redi-2-DrinQ™ GRAVITY® wine cooler cocktails in StandUp pouches, South African De Moravia™ white wine and Zambezi™ red wine in BarrelPaQ™ pouches and pinx® 100 Calories Skinny-to-Go cocktails in standup pouches. We will also offer wines in bottles from other countries.

ShotPaQ™ LLC owns five brands including Redi-2-DrinQ™ ShotPak® cocktails and STR8UP® spirits in patented StandUp pouches; Portashots Spirits in sachets, Xplosion™ Cinnamon Whiskey in StandUp pouches, Wild Reeds Bourbon Whiskey from South Africa and De Moravia™ Cream from Scotland. We will also distribute other alcohol products from other countries.

BeerPaQ LLC supplies a range of CarboPouches for the packing and distribution of draft beers from craft breweries to consumer’s homes or for consumption at sports stadiums or other outdoor events. The pouch capacities are 9 oz, 32 oz and 64 oz. There is also the Beverage-on-the-Go 2 liter CarboPouch for other beverages such as wines, sodas, water etc. and these are ideal for camping trips, boating adventures and so forth.

For the past 15 years, Redi-2-DrinQ™ outdoor cocktail market segment has been supplied with the ShotPak® brands packed in patented 50 ml, StandUp pouches. These brands are convenient for the consumer at home and suitable for bars and restaurants. Pouches are convenient, secure, sustainable and provide a safe social experience.

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